Martial Arts Training Tips By Jose Luis Acanda Montano

Jose Luis Acanda Montano is a dedicated Tae Kwon Do instructor who holds expertise in teaching the martial arts enthusiasts sparring, conditioning, and other techniques step by step. He was born and studied in Cuba, and in 2004, he shifted to America where he joined various companies and colleges, and tried hands in a variety of businesses. He worked in Mountain Kim, US Tae Kwon Do College, Life Time Fitness, Ourisman Toyoto, and Armani Exchange.

Till date, Jose Luis Acanda Montano has produced a number of Tae Kwon Do specialists. His students have won a number of awards and recognitions under his supervision, and he considers his students’ success the biggest achievement of his life. He always tries to deliver great, excellent training to his students. Here are some martial arts tips from Master Jose:

  • Warm up: Jose says that the students should warm up properly before exercising as it can reduce the chances of injuries. Moreover, it also helps the people to perform better.
  • Diet: A well-balanced diet is as important as a regular martial arts training. The learners should eat healthy food, green vegetables, lean meats, legumes, and drink lots of water daily, which give them strength and energy.
  • Bring variations slowly: According to Acanda, the learners should not increase the training load abruptly, but they should bring variations slowly, which helps them to learn things very efficiently.
  • Technique: Martial arts is sport in which people should have complete control on their minds and spirits. They should adopt a proper technique. Jose Luis Acanda Montano says that without a good technique, it is difficult to achieve the target.
  • Meditation: Meditation is a good relaxation practice, which is the combination of thinking deeply and breathing. It helps people to reduce stress level, lower down blood pressure, improve concentration, and more. In addition, meditation is also beneficial for the martial arts practitioners to develop various skills as well.
  • Practice daily: Jose tells that practicing regularly can help the learners to develop their skills easily. Additionally, individuals can improve co-ordination and focus.

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