Jose Luis Montano Is A Dietician

Jose Luis Montano is a dietician known for providing phenomenal nutritional advice. People from all walks of life come to him for improving their health and fitness. Whether you need help with your everyday meal planning or want to know the basic nutritional facts to achieve vibrant health, he can guide you in the best possible manner. He has pursued his education from some of the most prominent Universities in the country. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences in 1993 and his Master’s degree in Dietetics in 1996.

Being a dedicated professional, Jose Luis Montano strives to make his clients as healthy and fit as possible. In order to promote health & prevent several nutrition related illnesses, he tries to stay updated with the advances in the field of food and nutrition. He also counsels and supports his clients to make alterations in their lifestyle as well as eating habits. What makes him the premier choice of numerous people is that fact that he develops interesting diet plans for his clients. While creating a diet plan for a client, he takes into account a number of factors, like their preferences, current state of health, etc. If a client is allergic to a particular ingredient or doesn’t like its taste, he happily substitutes it with another one that is equally nutritious.

In his personal pursuit to lead a healthy life, Jose Luis Montano enjoys cooking nutritional meals and uses ingredients with high nutritional value, like – green leafy vegetables, eggs, meat, pulses, etc. To stay active, he exercises regularly and also indulges in activities like skiing & triathlon training. Jose is also very fond of traveling and likes to explore different places around the world.


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