Jose Luis Montano Is A Hard Working Business Analyst

Jose Luis Montano is a dedicated business analyst who has been serving a leading company from the last 5 years. He works with the management of the organization, so as to assist them achieve their business objectives, and he utilizes a variety of ways to make it feasible. He delves deep into the business, understands the procedures, and makes use of the knowledge in the betterment as well as the success of the company. He analyzes system, requirement, business processes, supports the system and business functions, handles sales as well as financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • As a well accomplished business analyst Jose Luis Montano is responsible for a multitude of activities and processes that are discussed below:
  • He understands the business procedures of the entire or a section of the company in a very apparent manner in order to execute the knowledge in a desirable manner.
  • At the project commencement process, it is his responsibility to cover the objectives and high level scope of the project, and to establish various communication channels.
  • He says that documentation and analysis should be accurate and clearly understandable, so that from the stakeholders or end users to the developers can easily understand the underlying expectations in the essential documents.
  • Jose has a clear understanding and communication of requirements, and he ensures that there is a less gap between the final deliverable from the technical team and the end users.
  • Validation and solution assessment is one of the key roles of Jose. He makes sure that there are no gaps between the required procedures and the development phases. He regularly interacts with the developers as well as the module leads.

Jose Luis Montano also handles the change in the management process after the implementation of the software system. He has also gained comprehensive knowledge as a process analyst, application support, system analyst, and tester.


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