Jose Luis Acanda Is An Expert Martial Arts Instructor

Jose Luis Acanda is an incredibly talented Martial Arts instructor with rich experience of teaching more than 100 students of different age groups. He started his professional career by working with a high school based in the province of Pinar Del Rio in Cuba and has taught Tae Kwon Do to many students. Mr. Acanda has also taught in a military training in Cuba, and was an owner of martial arts school in Virginia for eight years. Every talented person has been inspired from one or the other person. He has been highly inspired by by his principal trainer, Joaquin Palacios, who advised him to always help people and to do good things.

During his career span, Jose Luis Acanda has done various jobs in different sectors. has also been a personal trainer from 2005 to 2007 at Lifetime Fitness in Centreville, VA . He has also managed loaner car department from customer service to documentation at Ourisman Toyota at Chantilly, VA.. Additionally, he also served a position of Assistant Manager in Armani Exchange in Tysons Corner, VA where he successfully interacted with the customers and retail buyers to expedite orders.

At present, Jose Luis Acanda is doing his own business other than martial arts. In the recent years, he has learned various strategies and norms of doing business. He also recommends a business book “Rework” to those who wants to start their own business. This book is written by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. Jose Luis Acanda also gives his advice to those who are thinking about starting a business right now that they should build up their confidence and do the thorough research so they can be sure of what they are doing. When not serving his professional hours, he likes to spend quality time with his family as he is very close to them.


Jose Montano Encourages People To Learn Martial Arts

Jose Montano is a highly experienced Martial Arts trainer with great years of experience under his belt. He teaches teaches taekwondo, kickboxing and jiujitsu to children and adults. He is a Tiger Den Tae Kwon Do Black Belt trainer with a tremendous experience of training 100 students ranging from age 5 to 55. He was a member of “Cerro Pelado Tournament” and was also part of an Olympic team as well. There is one factor that he wants to change is that more and more parents would do Tae Kwon Do with their kids and encourage them to learn this form of art. He loves to see that parents are setting a positive example and taking good care of themselves.

Jose Montano is proud of his students achievements and his own dedication to deliver consistent, great service to his students everyday. He says that it is important to learn martial arts for children as well as adults because it is highly disciplined activity and is used both as a form of self-defense and exercise. Moreover, it is an effective and great way to unify the mind and body . Tae Kwon Do can enhance your flexibility, balance and stamina. You will feel full of energy after training. That is why, Jose Montano encourages more and more people to take its lessons and learn this wonderful form of art.

When not busy with his profession, Jose Montano likes to spend some quality time with his family. He also likes to play paintball, bike, running and dancing. He is a benevolent person. He also did many charitable things. He and his ex wife raised 20k for the children in India.


Jose Montano Is A Confident Martial Arts Instructor With Exceptional Skill Sets

Born and brought up in Cuba, Jose Montano has earned huge recognition as a highly skilled martial arts instructor. After completing his education, he received training in Olympic style tae kwon do from the dignified Cuban Sports Federation. He obtained comprehensive knowledge about the sports and learned all the techniques from the masters in this field. Joaquin Palacios was his trainer when Mr. Montano used to live in Cuba, and Mr. Palacios had advised Mr. Montano to help people and to do the right things always.

Jose Montano used to teach martial arts in a military training camp in Cuba. In addition to this, he had participated in a multitude of tournaments, and had won many of them. Mr. Montano was a National champion for 4 times, and was also a Virginia State Champion. He shifted to America in 2004, and opened a martial arts training school from scratch in Virginia. He taught different types of martial arts styles to children for 8 years. He began his professional journey as a tae kwon do trainer at a junior high school in Pinar del Rio. He is a professional 4 degree tae kwon do instructor, and provides different types of training, including jiujitsu, kickboxing, and tae kwon do for children of different age groups.

Mr. Montano is very proud of the achievement of his students, and is very contended by the top notch services he offer them. He invites parents to join their children and learn tae kwon do, if they wish to stay fit and healthy. Jose Montano describes that while learning martial arts, one has to be patient. Patience helps people stay out of trouble, and maintains consistency in business, along with avoiding overreactions to unsound ideas and rumors. In free time, Mr. Montano likes to pursue his hobbies, which include dancing, camping, running, biking, and playing paintball, etc.


Jose Luis Montano Is A Hard Working Business Analyst

Jose Luis Montano is a dedicated business analyst who has been serving a leading company from the last 5 years. He works with the management of the organization, so as to assist them achieve their business objectives, and he utilizes a variety of ways to make it feasible. He delves deep into the business, understands the procedures, and makes use of the knowledge in the betterment as well as the success of the company. He analyzes system, requirement, business processes, supports the system and business functions, handles sales as well as financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • As a well accomplished business analyst Jose Luis Montano is responsible for a multitude of activities and processes that are discussed below:
  • He understands the business procedures of the entire or a section of the company in a very apparent manner in order to execute the knowledge in a desirable manner.
  • At the project commencement process, it is his responsibility to cover the objectives and high level scope of the project, and to establish various communication channels.
  • He says that documentation and analysis should be accurate and clearly understandable, so that from the stakeholders or end users to the developers can easily understand the underlying expectations in the essential documents.
  • Jose has a clear understanding and communication of requirements, and he ensures that there is a less gap between the final deliverable from the technical team and the end users.
  • Validation and solution assessment is one of the key roles of Jose. He makes sure that there are no gaps between the required procedures and the development phases. He regularly interacts with the developers as well as the module leads.

Jose Luis Montano also handles the change in the management process after the implementation of the software system. He has also gained comprehensive knowledge as a process analyst, application support, system analyst, and tester.


Jose Luis Acanda Montano Is A Young, Talented Wedding Photographer

Jose Luis Acanda Montano is a twenty-three years old wedding photographer, who at such a young age has successfully completed scores of assignments. He pays great attention to even the smallest detail of a wedding shoot to provide his clients an album that they can cherish for years to come. Besides being a professional with exceptional talent and extraordinary skills, he a man with a great sense of humor. His jokes often act as a great stress buster for the couples and their familiies, who are usually quite exhausted during the whole phase of preparations for the D-day. However, Jose knows how to create a perfect environment to get that one great picture he wants.

According to those who have worked with Jose Luis Acanda, he can come up with creative suggestions, when you are least expecting them. For instance, he might like to click pictures of the frenzy right before the ceremony, when the preparations are in full swing. From intermittently clicking photographs of the couple’s parents the whole day while theyr are going through different emotions to capturing the candid expressions of everyone when the bride is given a farewell by her family; he covers every aspect of the wedding when you assig him the job of capturing the most special day of your life.

Jose Luis Acanda Montano has also worked as a press & public relations photographer for three years and also as a portrait photographer for one year. Having worked in both areas has helped him add diversity to his professional portfolio & have an edge over many other photographers of his age. Besides his excellent photography, he is highly acknowledged by his clients for his dedication, hard work, and professionalism. To ensure that his clients are happy and satisfied with his work, he takes into account their likes, dislikes, as well as suggestions.


Jose Montano Is A Training And Development Specialist

Jose Montano is a skilled training and development specialist who is working with a reputed company, assisting it reach its goals by improving the experiences of workers that further enhances productivity along with morale. It is essential that employees must have proper training and development, as it helps companies moves towards profitability and success.

He says that people who wish to pursue their career as a training and development specialist must obtain all the essential skills by studying HR (human Resources) Administration as a minor subject during their bachelor’s degree. He implements training initiatives, strategies, processes, and plans which assist his organization reach its goals. His responsibilities include training development, assessment, acquisition, and delivery.

He analyzes managers, organization leaders, and employees to evaluate their needs and required outcomes related to development, and then proposes the suitable solutions. Jose Montano works closely with the department heads to conduct new orientation sessions, develop performance enhancement plans, as well as plan, arrange, and direct  training for newly appointed employees.

He has many years of experience in developing skills of employees that can build loyalty and improve productivity. He works with staff members to prepare them for advanced positions and strengthen their skills. At times, he also develops personalized training programs for future leaders who strive to climb the ladder of success in the company. As a training and development specialist, he is liable for many significant activities.

Jose Montano schedules classes based on the availability of instructors, classrooms, and equipment; presents information utilizing a plethora of instructional formats and techniques like simulations, role playing, group discussions, team exercises, lectures, videos; organizes and develops training procedure manuals, course materials, and guides; monitors, evaluates, and records the effectiveness of training programs as well as activities, and many more. Jose stays abreast with the developments in his area of expertise by reading current journals, magazine articles, and books.


Jose Luis Montano Is A Dietician

Jose Luis Montano is a dietician known for providing phenomenal nutritional advice. People from all walks of life come to him for improving their health and fitness. Whether you need help with your everyday meal planning or want to know the basic nutritional facts to achieve vibrant health, he can guide you in the best possible manner. He has pursued his education from some of the most prominent Universities in the country. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences in 1993 and his Master’s degree in Dietetics in 1996.

Being a dedicated professional, Jose Luis Montano strives to make his clients as healthy and fit as possible. In order to promote health & prevent several nutrition related illnesses, he tries to stay updated with the advances in the field of food and nutrition. He also counsels and supports his clients to make alterations in their lifestyle as well as eating habits. What makes him the premier choice of numerous people is that fact that he develops interesting diet plans for his clients. While creating a diet plan for a client, he takes into account a number of factors, like their preferences, current state of health, etc. If a client is allergic to a particular ingredient or doesn’t like its taste, he happily substitutes it with another one that is equally nutritious.

In his personal pursuit to lead a healthy life, Jose Luis Montano enjoys cooking nutritional meals and uses ingredients with high nutritional value, like – green leafy vegetables, eggs, meat, pulses, etc. To stay active, he exercises regularly and also indulges in activities like skiing & triathlon training. Jose is also very fond of traveling and likes to explore different places around the world.